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We are proud to be Orange County's original and most established ceramic impression company, since 1991. Your baby can have their impressions taken as early as one week old.

Appointments  take approximately a minimum of  15 minutes and up to 1 hour.

Appointments are required, so please call ahead. A  24 notice is best for booking, reschedule and cancellations. 

We use only the highest quality ceramic materials, and our clay is stored in air tight containers which keep it very soft and clean.

We have a toy area to keep toddlers and siblings busy while we tend to your baby. You may feed or change your baby if necessary.

Our goal is to keep our studio a healthy environment. Please keep that in mind when visiting our studio.

Over 80% of our growing business is from referrals and loyal, satisfied clients. Your satisfaction with our service is completely guaranteed!

About Our Pricing

Due to the unique and customized nature of our product, it is not practical to give price quotes online. Prices are based on things such as plate style and custom detail artwork. (Please notice the hand-painted artwork on many of our styles. We do not use markers on any of our plates as you may see with other ceramic impression companies.)

In general, prices range from as little as $15 and up to $399. We have simple and elegant to more complex designs. Something  for every budget! We have a wide variety of styles, giving everyone the opportunity to own one of our ceramic plates. When you call or visit our studio we will be happy to discuss your individual needs and provide you with a customized price quote.

Our plates take approximately eight weeks from date of impression. Please 

click the link                                                      for details of our

manufacturing process.

We are excited to be on Facebook! We offer specials and promotions on our Facebook page so please LIKE US on Facebook to learn about our current promotions!

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