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What our Clients Have To Say About Us


 "I was referred by my mom, a former nurse, seven years ago. Since then I have driven from San Marcos for all of my children. The plates are so cute!"

-Toni, from San Marcos

 "I purchased a kit through the internet because it looked so simple to do. It wasn't. We purchased one at a craft store and tried again. Better this time, but not good enough. A friend referred us to Precious Hand/Footprints.

We explained our dilemma and the owner said, "We hear this almost every day". Now the ceramic plates look so beautiful in our home. We should have just let them do it in the first place...That's what they do!"

-Kathy, from Laguna Niguel

 "Staff was flexible with the appointment time, and all the ladies that work there were friendly. The facilities are good... I could nurse and change my baby, and there was also a play area for my other children. It has now become a family tradition and Precious hand and Footprints has done all three of my children's prints!"

-Marina, from Lake Forest

 "I am willing to drive from Riverside because I have yet to find another company that has the same quality and appearance in their ceramic plates."

-Melissa, from Riverside

 "Dear future customers of Precious Hand/Footprints,

I have been a loyal customer of Precious Hand/Footprints for four years now and I have never been dissatisfied with their product. Those ladies takes great responsibility and pride in each little print they make. Their dedication in preserving the memory of our child's hand or foot prints is evident by their caring staff and their use of  high grade materials.

Beware of Imitations! I have seen competitors products and in my opinion, they pale in comparison to the high quality you will receive from Precious Hand/Footprints. (This is why I will drive an hour and a half to their studio for their services).

Each print is handled with the utmost care ensuring the best possible print. Don't be mislead by low-grade, mediocre products. I encourage you to visit Precious Hand/Footprints and see for yourself the quality craftsmanship that you and your baby's precious little hands and feet deserve."

Yours very truly,

-Christy M., from Wrightwood

 "I called from Ohio the week of Christmas because I was coming to California to visit. I wanted to do my third child's little impressions with this company. I could not find anyone in Ohio that could do this for me. I called them but she was on vacation in Hawaii at the time and could not do it for me. She referred me to two other ceramic companies in Newport Beach and Orange that were able to help me.

I was grateful that she cared enough to return my call from Hawaii and hooked me up with her competitor. Next time I come to California with all three of my kids, I will call ahead to make sure we can see them. Because I still prefer their product "

-Terri, from Ohio

I have been a customer now for many years. More than I care to admit. However, I wanted to take a minute and let everyone know that this place is the best! So many cute ideas available its hard to choose just one.  Its beautiful work that I have displayed proudly in my home for over a decade now. 

Janine - Mission Viejo

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