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Our Studio - The making of Your  Ceramic Keepsake

Step 1 : After our impressions are taken, we immediately identify your ceramic plate with your child's name, ensuring proper spelling and identification. No one person has the same hand or footprints, they are as unique as each of our fingerprints. However, we strive to label everything to keep them in an organized manner and never mix with other child's prints, in case there is a similar name.



Step 2:  Your keepsakes are placed on our drying shelves immediately after taking the impression. This is the first stage of the drying process.




Step 3: 

 Next they are put on our drying racks for two weeks, insuring proper drying.

Step 4:  All our plates are hand- painted and sanded, leaving a smooth, clean finish. We use only 100% ceramic glazes to paint your child's name and designs on our plates, or we engrave our products.


Step 5:  kiln fire ( 1 of 3) . Prints are grouped according to the dates taken and placed in commercial kiln for the first high fire. This stage lasts a minimum of tree days, as temperatures will rise to 2.000 degrees and transform the clay into a hard, white material.

Step 6: Our ceramic plates are then completely painted with our ceramic glazes and fired in a second stage glaze kiln firing. This stage make occur multiple times depending on glazing needs.

You now have a beautiful ceramic keepsake plate, custom made with your child's precious little hands and footprints.







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